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Born of Wind and Storm

Born of Wind and Storm

Adult Fantasy 

Ase spends her time drinking rum, searching for a guy to spend the night with, and doing a terrible job of hiding from her mother. It's hard to lie low while wielding the power of a dead god, and even harder when the power scratches at her mind, demanding to be used.

Her mother believes Ase is stronger than her magic, strong enough to heal the world, but Ase knows the truth, people like her, heirs of a god, ether die young or lose themselves to their powers. They become monsters, killing those they love or starting wars that last for generations. She will never embrace her power.

Faced with the possibility of inheriting more power and losing control, Ase teams up with her brother, his new boyfriend, and a crew of pirates. They undertake a dangerous mission to rob a god, stealing a magical item that will let her lock away her magic. When her mother intervenes  and her friends start dying, Ase must decided if she will stand by and do nothing or embrace her magic. Maybe some people are worth the risk. Maybe she can be the monster who saves her friends.

Born of Wind and Storm placed fifth in the Ink & Insights contest and was chosen as one of the judges' favorites. It's currently being revised for future querying.

The Grammar Mage Chronicles

The Grammar Mage Chronicles

Middle-Grade Fantasy

Sixth-grader Sloane Gamez has a talent for storytelling, and her writing can reshape reality. She's on track to become one of the best mages ever, but her zombie story didn't go according to plan. They were supposed to be cheesy, an innocent prank. They weren't supposed to attack the town. Now, everyone's blaming her, and demanding the Council of Mages restrict her magic. Only, it's not her fault. Somebody hijacked her magic and changed her harmless zombies into monsters. To regain trust and earn her magic back, Sloane must discover who set her up and why.

I am currently editing the Grammar Mage Chronicles and hope to be querying soon.

Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Send them my way—I thrive on constructive criticism.

Notebook and Pen

“Writing is the most fun you can have by yourself.”

Terry Pratchett



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